Short Essay

This week you will need to submit a short essay on a topic of your choice, chosen from the list of topics covered in this course (e.g., job satisfaction, personality, leadership, teamwork, power, etc.). See chapter titles for the list of topics available. You should submit the following:

  1. Choose one topic among the topics discussed in this course.
  2. Search for an article related to the topic chosen and that has published recently (within 6 months) in an online business newspaper or business magazine of your choice (e.g., Fortune, Inc., Business Week, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Money, etc.). Please, focus on business topics and avoid political topics.
  3. Submit the following, in a word document, using Turnitin (submission via email will not be accepted): (a) a summary of the article (150-250 words), (b) information on how the article relates to the topic selected (100-150 words), and (c) the hyperlink to the original article.

Those are the instructions for the short essay!

we will talk about “job satisfaction” and the article is this one :