Short Discussion

(According to Chapter 18: ‘Persuasion: So Easily Fooled,’ which “trick” in the chapter are you, personally, most prone to? Give a personal example of this. How might you have avoided it?)

write two paragraph about this after reading chapter 18 which I will provide you through a link. and please follow the rubric which is in the file. it doesn’t has to be very deep, but please be clear and detail.

1 Discussion Question Rubric

210 Points Total (30 Points for each of the 7 Discussion Questions) Over the course of the quarter, you will be presented with various prompts via Canvas to write a discussions on. Your responses will need to be at least two paragraphs in length and you will need to respond to 2 other students’ posts. General Information: 1. Due Date and Time: a. Responses to discussion questions and other students’ posts should be posted to Canvas by 11:59pm Sunday evenings. The sooner you post, the sooner others can respond to your post. b. Responses posted after the due date and time will only be eligible for 79% of the total grade. When Answering a Discussion Question: 1. Length (Minimum of TWO Paragraphs) for Each Response to a Discussion Question(s): 17 Points Total: a. Wrote a minimum of TWO paragraphs. (12pts) b. Include some personal reflection THAT RELATES to the question you are answering. Be thoughtful. Include either personal experiences that support your answer or if you aren’t comfortable sharing something about yourself, share about someone you know or someone/something you read about. (5pts.) 2. Proper Spelling, Grammar, & Punctuation: 3 Points Total: a. Used proper spelling, grammar and punctuation in both your answer AND replies. It is strongly recommended that you write your answers and responses in a Word document, proof it and then copy and paste it back into CANVAS to avoid any errors. (3pts.) When Responding to Other Students’ Posts: 1. Responses to Other Students’ Posts: 10 Points Total: a. Replied to TWO other students’ posts. Please be thoughtful and thorough in your responses to classmates. Five sentences is the suggested minimum for each reply, although your efforts should be spent on quality of reply, rather than quantity of words, and will be graded accordingly. Instead of just saying that you agree or disagree with someone else’s post, be detailed and intentional in your replies. Remember this is the way to connect with other students in the class. The more replies there are in the thread, the more fruitful the discussion and the richer the experience for everyone. (10pts.) **If you have difficulty writing, you may orally record your answer to the discussion question and your responses to other students’ posts and upload them to CANVAS.



2 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Reply to Your Peers’ Discussion Posts

1: Read another student’s post to the discussion question. 2: Ask yourself the following questions in regards to the post you just read.

1: What is the post about (summary)? 2a: Do I agree or disagree with what was written?

2b: Why do you agree or disagree?

3a: Do I find the post interesting? 3b: Why do I find the post interesting?

4: What does the post make you think about? 5: Is there anything in the post you connect with or identify with?