Short Assignment 12

Student Gender (M or F) $ Amount (Total) In Coins
Male .00
Male .00
Male .00
Female .00
Female .00
Male .00
Male .00
Male .00
Female 1.00
Female .87
Male .93
Male .50
Female 1.45
Female 1.50
Female 2.10
Male .75
Male .89
Female 2.00
Male 1.00
Female 2.32
Female 2.50
Female 2.89
Male 1.25
Male 1.25
Female 1.50
Male 1.33
Female 2.90
Female 2.62
Male 1.00
Female 3.10
Female 3.15
Male 1.50
Male 1.50
Female 2.00
Male 1.60
Female 3.25
Female 3.90
Male 1.93
Male 2.00
Female 3.78


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Question 12 pts

Compute the effect size (Cohen’s d using the pooled variance). Which of the following is the effect size? Round 2 decimal points.

  Cohen’s d =1.11
  Cohen’s d =1.13


  Cohen’s d =2.10
  Cohen’s d  =1.12



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Question 22 pts

What does the pooled Cohen’s d you obtained using the coin study data represent?

  A small/weak effect
  A medium/moderate effect


  A large effect
  No effect



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Question 32 pts

Why is the effect size reported?

  To assess whether group means are different
  To assess the overall magnitude of the difference between two groups using the standard deviation as the foundation.


  To assess the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable
  To assess the alternative hypothesis



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Question 42 pts

When is it appropriate to use a dependent samples t-Test?

  Participants are recruited after completing a screening questionnaire
  Participants are of different gender


  Participants are randomly assigned to a group
  Participants provide more than one score or they are matched



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Question 52 pts

Results Section write up: Feedback level (positive versus negative) was used as the independent variable and self-intelligence ratings as the dependent variable. Results showed a significant difference between groups, t(38) = 3.45, p < .01. Participants rated their own intelligence higher in the positive feedback condition (M = 4.55, SD = 1.11) than participants in the negative feedback condition (M = 2.22, SD = .09). (fake results from fake date)

Using the write up of the results section from an APA empirical research article. Identify which test was conducted?

  Independent sample t-test
  Dependent sample t-test


  Pearson correlation