Several Questions

week 1

Question B

Describe a situation where you or your supervisor needed to make a decision and based that decision on the data provided. Was the data quantitative or qualitative? Was the decision that was made different than it would have been if it were based on observation alone?

Week 1 Assignment

Week 1 Assignment

In a 2-3 page paper using APA formatting for references, answer the following questions:

1. Imagine yourself sitting in the auditorium of a larger corporation as the CEO expounds on the company’s new vision for 2020 and the way that this corporation will be making “sustainable” services and “green” products for non-industrial economies as well as for the web-enabled e-commerce societies. You are seeing the Chain of Results diagram in your mind’s eye and are beginning to look for the alignment opportunities that are emerging. Describe the Chain of Results elements and how each element provides alignment opportunities. Follow your thoughts up with documented research from outside scholarly resources. You should have at least two (2) outside resources to assist you with this response.

2. List five corporate documents that every performance practitioner wants to review regularly in order to stay in tune with their clients’ strategic directions and redirections. Describe what information you can gain from each that will assist you in aligning your work with that strategic direction. Why are these documents beneficial to the workplace? Which would you consider for your current workplace? If you are unemployed, you may use Grantham University as your company choice or us another company of your choosing.

Week 2

Question A

Your discussion for this module relates to a real-world situation where performance change is necessary. You can use a current or previous employer, popular company from the media, or create a fictional scenario. Define the performance change needed. Identify the categories of requirements that will be needed. Then for each category, define the requirements to be fulfilled. 

Question B

The term Return on Investment (ROI) is often used in describing the results that will be gained by investing in a new venture. Employees are often considered an investment as they come with knowledge and gain expertise through experience and training. Thus, why is it important to consider the ROI in terms of employees and performance? Be sure to back up your response with research from a credible outside resource.