Romantic Relationship Case Study

Part 1: Types of Love

Part 1: Briefly describe eight types of love described by Sternberg (1988) found in Figure 6.5 in your textbook. How do the components of intimacy, passion, and commitment affect each type of love?

Part 2: Create a Case Study

Part 2: Create a case study of 250-500 words involving a fictitious couple experiencing one of these 8 types of loveDescribe the relationship and some characteristics they may exhibit. Do not use any personal information or information related to current cases you are working on.

In addition to the textbook, please include one scholarly source to support your work.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

**Please include an Introduction and Conclusion.

**Please use the Rubric*****

Figure 6.5 Types of Love, According to Sternberg’s Triangular Model.

1. Nonlove- A relationship in which the components of love are absent. Most personal relationships are of this type—casual interactions, classmates, co-workers, or acquaintances.


2. Liking- An experience with another person such as a friendship in which intimacy is present, but passion and commitment are lacking.


3. Infatuation- “Love at first sight,” in which one experiences passionate desire in the absence of intimacy and commitment.


4. Empty love- Commitment (to maintain the relationship) in the absence of passion or intimacy. Stagnant relationships with decaying emotional intimacy or physical attraction are of this type.


5. Romantic love- The combination of passion and intimacy but not commitment.


6. Companionate love- A kind of love characterized by intimacy and commitment. It often occurs in long-term relationships in which passion has waned and been replaced by a kind of committed friendship.


7. Fatuous love- The type of love associated with whirlwind romances and “quickie marriages” in which passion and commitment are present, but intimacy is not.


8. Consummate love- The full or complete measure of love involving the combination of passion, intimacy, and commitment.