1.1.7        Performance

The load time of the system when the user request for resources, the average time the application will respond to Administrators, Teacher, and Student’s requests should be less than three seconds. The error rate of the application will be minimal, the percentage of associated with problem request should be very low below 1% and the application will be able to recover from an error and return to its normal state. The requests per second by the various application users, the target server of the application will be able to handle all the request it receives from the user and respond immediately, results of the of the transactions which have been initiated by the users should be accurate and complete depending on what the user had requested. The Performance tactics goal is to generate a response to an event arriving at the system within some time-base constraint.

1.1.8        Security

The system has three security attributes which will control who access the system, what information can see and also manipulate. The login procedure will allow only those Standard Users and Team Administrators whose credentials can be verified by the system, any user who cannot be identified by the system will receive a prompt error message telling him his login he cannot access the system, upon successful identification and authentication the users will be assigned a session which will expire after five minutes of inactivity. Each user will be assigned a session depending on whether he is an Administrator or a Standard User: Team Administrator will have the privileges to add, delete, update information and manage other system functionality, Standard Users will be able to access and view team information without any manipulation capability.

The system shall only allow Administrators to create or modify the existing system data. If a user attempts to modify the information of the system, whether or not they have the privileges to do so, the database system logs the activity and maintains an audit trail. If unauthorized access occurs, the system needs to restore correct data within 24 hours.

Security tactic test the system ability to resist abnormal usage, while providing adequate services to subscribe users. An attack occurs when there is an attempt to breach security, which can be an array of methods to accomplish. Mainly, the goal of intruder is to access authorized data, or services or to modify data, or it may be intended to deny services to authorized users. System attacks normally cover wide media range, most range from theft of money by electronic transfer to modification of sensitive data, from theft of credit card numbers to destruction of files on computer systems, or to denial-of-service attacks carried out by worms or viruses. Still, the elements of a security general scenario are the same as the elements of our other general scenario stimulus and its source, an environment, the target under attack, the desired response of the system, and the measure of this response (Scott, G.M 2008). System administrators are assigned to guard and detect data breach. Once a data breach has occurred it is their job to mitigate the issue and restore services to users within 24 hours.