Respond to 2 Colleagues discussion post with 1-2 paragraphs. The Assignment instructions are attached. Use APA citations and References


Read through your colleagues’ posts and by Day 3 (Week 2), respond to two of your colleagues in one or more of the following ways:

· Examine how the business information systems described by your colleague could be or are being used by your organization. Offer additional ways either organization might take advantage of these systems.

· Examine how the business information systems identified by your colleague would affect your professional or personal practices or your organization. What opportunities might there be?

· Share your insights about the business information systems identified by your colleague, and offer additional ideas about the impact they might have and challenges that could occur.

· Expand upon the role of the business information systems presented by your colleague and offer other opportunities, solutions, or implications that your colleague may not have shared.

· Explore other ways in which the technologies shared by your colleague could be used.

General Guidance: Your Discussion responses, due by Day 3, will each typically be 1–2 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate.

1st Colleague to Respond to:

For this discussion, I have chosen to use the current organization that I work for. I can honestly say that am not very familiar of all the different formal systems that this organization has. Yet, by reading some as listed above and by working on my MBA I understand the importance of being aware of these things while working at the current organization that you’re in- even if you are not personally involved with them.

      One of the systems I am aware of is that of the Human Resources department. This department usually works, as with every other organization, on matters related to employees that may occur. Our HR also makes us aware of different programs and such things approaching via email contact. They make sure that employee records are kept up to date. I think having an HR is vital within every major organization.  Small organization business do not always have this luxury, but rather, problems are usually brought to the attention of the head business runner. Having a Human Resource Department has definitely assisted in keeping up to date with present matters and being able to discuss matters we may have within and outside of our job that has an effect on our position. I believe that with the addition of new employees and some of the changes made within the organization, HR has had an effect as to the variety of subject matter handled and the extent and route they will take to work out the matter. 

     Another system that I am a bit more aware of is that of the supply chain management. This role is covered mainly by our CFO. I have  personally worked with both the CFO and the individual in charge of purchasing.  While I do not know the full logistics of this, I recognize the importance of it just as anything else in our organization. The supply chain is very vital in our organizations due to all the material that is required on a daily basis from paper to office supplies to housing material for our residential clients. I have found that within small organizations that do not have a CFO, this role is usually passed to the CEO or the main individual in charge of finances. Or organization has recently throughout the last 6 months has faced/continues to face some changes including the addition of new departments and in certain renovations. With this change in processes, there comes a change and increase in the chain of supply. More and different supplies are constantly being needed in order to match the other changes made. 

      When it comes to business organization systems I have learned the value of being educated and acquired with the different types of business information systems involved in one’s current organization and what it takes to run them. This not only assist in understanding how things are really run but also assist in helping the individual acquire knowledge, tools, and skills to use for the business they will run. For example, the value of having supply chain information technologies and organizational initiatives is that they may help with increase in agility and thus improvement in performance (Vickery, et. al., 2010). I agree that with the proper tools, promotion, usage and support, that further innovation with these can certainly and has shown to improve performance. If one os looking to invest in and manage an organization, learning and investing on different business organization technologies and systems will work on helping to enable a business to grow.


       Vickery, S. K., Droge, C. C., Setia, P. P., & Sambamurthy, V. V. (2010). Supply chain information technologies and organisational initiatives: Complementary versus independent effects on agility and firm performance. International Journal Of Production Research, 48(23), 7025-7042.

2nd Colleague to respond to:

There are three important business information systems I use in my organization. The three systems are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management and Accounting Information System. These three systems are critical to the business and help maintain operations. Information system in the company should provide all necessary information for decision-making (Knezevic, Stankovic & Tepavac, 2012, p.1). Each information system has a huge impact on the decisions we make for the business.

These information systems affect my organization in a tremendous way. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps the company keep track of the status of our clients. It also assists with storing important documents while we create a profile for our clients. The CRM allows us to communicate, schedule follow-ups and send reminders to our clients regarding their status with our organization. The CRM is just like the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) we use to keep track of candidates and new hires for open positions within our company. The Human Resource Management (HRM) allows the company keep track and store important documents regarding internal hires. The Accounting Information System we use links to our CRM to bill our clients for the services we provide. It also links to our HRM system to pay our employees on time and ensure the pay is accurate. The Accounting system we use allows us to see our financial growth month over month and helps our sales team improve on their goals while determining how much new business we will need to reach the company’s goal.  Accounting information system can be viewed as a special discipline and as part of a larger system and presents a discipline that is oriented towards practice (Knezevic, et al., 2012, p. 1).

IT affects industry structure and the set of business-level strategic alternatives and value-creation opportunities that a firm may pursue (Drnevich & Croson, 2013, p. 1). The three systems have a huge effect on how different departments withing the company performs, communicate and make decisions. Our Accounting systems can show reports to our sales team on where we are with our sales goal and where we need to be in the next quarter. It helps the sales team create realistic and predicted sales goal to improve the revenue of the company. It also shows when we expect to gain more business by the reports shown year over year. The ATS system that relates to the CRM we have helps our recruiters and account managers keep track of the clients and applicants we are working with or will like to continue to work with. The HRM system helps our Human Resources keep track of people who are eligible and not eligible to work with our company. It keeps track of any write ups and promotions of internal employees. Without these systems, it can take days to obtain the reports that we can obtain within the hour from our systems. It helps us avoid making terrible mistakes due to the systems notifying us of any inaccuracies that has been placed in the system by the rules we created. It helps with the integrations we have today to limit the time of transferring files, notes and critical information.

Overall, I’ve learned how importance business information systems are to managers and team members. I’ve learned how it can increase or decrease the performance of individuals and the impact the reporting has on goals managers set for their team. Advances in computer-based information technology in recent years have led to a wide variety of systems that managers are now using to make and implement decisions (Alter, 1976). The systems have improved individual behaviors due to helping with the time and individual performance. It reduces the stress level of people.


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