Research Proposal


Research Proposal


The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn more about the process of proposing research. To do this you must complete several steps, which we will break down throughout the semester. Your final project will involve picking a topic, select a research question, reviewing and critiquing empirical literature, synthesizing the information gained in the review process, writing a graduate level literature review, and proposing a method to gather data to answer your research question.


Literature Review

A major portion of your final project is the literature review. Graduate level work requires you to move well beyond just reporting the “facts” and requires a deeper more comprehensive processing of the theory, methods, findings and implications of the research being reviewed.


You will find at least 4-6 empirical articles on a research topic to evaluate and synthesize into your review. Your literature review SHOULD NOT just list each article and critique it. It should SYNTHESIZE the information into content areas to describe the state of the literature to date on your topic.



You may choose quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods to answer your research question(s). You must support your choice of methods from what you learn in the class, making sure the methods match the question. Finally, you will need to suggest a method of analysis that fits with your data.


The major sections of this paper will include: [9-16 pages]

1. Formal APA Title Page [1-page] (you DO NOT need to write and abstract)


2. Literature Review [6-12 pages]

1. Statement of topic and research question (e.g., identify your topic, provide definitions if needed/appropriate, state your research question). [1-paragraph]

2. Literature search process (e.g., how did you go about identifying your articles? Detail this process – which search engine did you use, search terms, etc.). [1- paragraph]

3. Literature review with formal critique of AT LEAST 4-6 related empirical articles covering a topic of your choice. Empirical articles utilizing quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods are appropriate for this assignment. [5-10 pages]

4. Implications for clinical practice and research What are your overall conclusions? Are there clinical implications? Are there implications to education and training? This should lead into your next section supporting WHY and HOW you are proposing to further our knowledge on this topic. [1-2 paragraphs]


3. Methods [1-2 pages]

1. Research design – is this a quantitative, qualitative or mixed design? Why did you choose this design to answer this question?

2. Data collection methods – who is your sample? how will you gain access to them? is this a vulnerable population? how will you protect their rights through your process? What questions/instruments or measurements will you use?

3. Proposed data analysis – how will you analyze that data to answer your questions?


4. Reference Page [1-page]

1. Must include references for all of the articles you used in your review.

2. Include references for any other sources you utilize in addition to the articles you use in your review.

3. All references must be in APA format.

4. You can single space the reference page, with one space between each respective reference.