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Hello this is a research Project. The project is based on the book ” School: The Story of American Public Education” I have attached everything related to the project, including the instructions and requirements. I need this project done within the next 20 hours! It is an emergency!

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1. In-text citations (when paraphrasing information- no direct quotes)

Conversely, teachers who work together, share ideas, and provide critical feedback with each other over time are more likely to improve their skills as they collaborate with colleagues (Harwell, 2003; DuFour & Marzano, 2011; Reeves, 2008; Danielson, 2006; Liberman & Miller, 2004). This typically multifaceted type of professional development, which is often supported by the school, enables teachers to experience meaningful opportunities to increase their effectiveness and enhance their core teaching strategies (Cohen & Hill, 2001; Hallman, Wenzel & Fendt, 2004; Hawley &Valli, 1999) as they simultaneously create a community of practice which has been documented to be an effective context for learning (Wenger, 1999). Research that points to the ineffectiveness of one-day workshops as well as the effectiveness of teacher led, ongoing, on-site professional development has been a catalyst for engaging teacher leaders as in-district professional development facilitators. When schools have an effective professional development provider onsite, the potential for enhanced learning opportunities is increased (Harwell, 2003; Fullan, 2006).


2. In-text citations (using direct quotes-LESS than 40 words- from other’s work)

In other words, teacher leaders, as defined in the research, are positioned to create learning opportunities to improve practice for other teachers, similar to Katzenmeyer and Moller’s (2001) assertion that teacher leaders are teachers who “lead within and beyond the classroom, influence others toward improved educational practice, and identify with and contribute to a community of teacher leaders” (p. 6).


3. In-text citations (using direct quotes-MORE than 40 words- from other’s work)

In Rosen’s study (2013), Mr. Walton explained the importance, with which he regarded professional development in his school’s vision by saying,

[We] keep it at the forefront of everything we do. That is, continuous improvement of teacher and student learning. And make it the rudder, make it the mission, make it the goal, make it the vision, make it any word you want to use, that everything we do … the question could be turned around and say if something happens in the school and there is an issue, I could ask what does this have to do with student learning? It’s all about a focus on professional learning in relation to student outcomes. That is, my role is to ensure that there are opportunities for those conversations, to carve out the most precious commodity that we are all in short supply of, which is time. To manage that time in such a way to ensure that whatever is delivered models good instruction, isn’t 40 pounds of sausage in a 10 pound bag, that [it] is a manageable piece that can then be applied, and most importantly, followed up on, to not only monitor student progress but to monitor and get feedback from teachers in terms of how this works for our kids. (p. 165)



4. Reference Page(s)

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