Research Paper

In application of the concepts learned in MGT5310 ONLH Human Resource Management, you will have the opportunity to compile a HRM/Career Development project over the course of the eight sessions in this course. The goal of this project is for you to develop a complete understanding of human resource management from both the perspective of a HR Manager as well as a potential recruit. This project will include a comprehensive look at the Human Resource Manager’s duties and responsibilities including the rights of the employee that they must oversee. Additionally, you will take on the role of an HR Manager developing a job analysis, job description and potential questions that might be asked of a recruit. At this point, your role will change to that of recruit where you will complete a Career Building Survey, develop an understanding of performance evaluations, benefit plans and union membership. The length of each session’s submission typically runs 3-5 pages resulting in a 25-30 HRM/Career Development project by the end of the course. Each session is added onto the previous session building a cumulative HRM/Career Development project. Use 12 point font, double spacing with 1 inch margins. The use of in-text citations to support your position will add credibility to your academic writing and is required. There should be one reference page located at the end which will include all the references. A minimum of 5 sources (for the entire HRM/Career Development project) should be used (one can be your textbook). Each session submission is worth 35 points with a total of 280 points for all eight sessions (this represents 28% of your course grade).

Session 1 HRM Duties & Responsibilities

Session 2 Employee Rights

Session 3 Job Analysis & Job Description

Session 4 Job Interview Questions

Session 5 Career Building Survey

Session 6 Job Analysis & Performance Evaluations

Session 7 Benefit Plans

Session8 Union Membership