Research Paper

AAP (Advance Auto Parts) plan to increase sales for the full year of 2017.

Concepts to consider for the plan.

1)      Products  (the mix of your offering including service)

2)      Channels of distribution (EG – retail store; online, telemarketing, catalog, Multi-level Marketing, Etc).

3)      Pricing Method (Eg – Value pricing, Cost Plus, Follow the leader, including discounts if any)

4)      Promotional Method (Eg. Word of Mouth, Internet, Radio, television, Magazines, flyers, etc)

5)      Target Audience ( Demographics of your target audience, what will you do to increase you customer base, repeat purchase and build loyalty)

6)      Value Proposition (Identify and discuss your Value Proposition)

7)      Differentiation ( The uniqueness of your company, business culture and customer service, etc.  that defines your company and positively differentiate you from your competitors)

8)      Management of dissatisfied customers and customer complaints ( EG: – how will you include this in your org. structure, marketing and operations, Customer surveys and feedback, etc.)

9)      Employee (Eg; – Training & development to fit within your business culture and value system)

10)   Measuring success (Eg – How will you measure performance to determine whether you are on track to achieve your revenue growth)

Title page, table of contents, body, references