Research Paper

REE4956 – Extra Credit

Extra Credit Assignment

The extra credit assignment will count 5% of your final grade.

For this assignment you are required to select a real estate-related career and do research on it. If you are currently in the real estate industry, select a career that is different from your own job.

Below you will find some suggestions, but feel free to pick any real estate career you are interested in.

· Asset or portfolio manager

· Mortgage Underwriter

· Real estate developer

· Shopping center manager

· Corporate real estate executive

· Commercial real estate investor

You may collect the information from a mixture of primary and secondary sources including (but not limited to) websites, practitioners you know, reports, papers, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. For your write-up, please follow the below outline. Apart from Google, you can obtain information for example from the Bureau of Labor Statistics or industry organizations.

DO NOT plagiarize. Any parts of your assignment copied from other students or other sources will result in a “F”.

Cite your sources in a list of references at the end of the assignment.

Part A: Description of the Profession

(Write at least 1 page of text, 1.5 spaced, font size of 12, tables and graphs don’t count as text, you can use bullet points as shown below)

Name of the profession:

1. Main activities: (be specific):

a. ….


2. Main clients:

a. …

b. …

3. qualifications:

Required :

a. …



a. …

b. …

4. Statistics/ Financial Data:[footnoteRef:1] [1: You may add the annual revenue/earnings data of 2-3 companies (available on some listed company’s websites, Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance etc) if these data are not available from Bureau of Labor Statistics website. ]

a. Projection Data

b. Salary/earnings

Part B: Personal Opinions (Write at least 1 page)

1. Reasons I chose this profession:

2. Major drawbacks of this Profession:

3. My opinions about the future of this Profession: