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Impact of Tobacco Law

Literature Review

The research into the youth consumption of Tobacco have been extensive since 1992 with the notion to try and find the best measures to attack the issue and make it permanent. The researches did focus on measures such as the use of the community, mass media and statewide campaigns to help get the message across to the general public (Berman, 2016). It is evident that the previous investigations did prove that there was a minimal response and change in the society because the programs did not get to the people. In addition, there was an introduction of stricter rules that did involve the prohibition of the companies and dealers from getting the tobacco to the youths, addition of payment of fines and even jail terms (Reddy, Yadav, Arora & Nazar, 2012). The variations in the ways that they do connect did make changes which did influence the way that they do connect which is a major advantage to the way that they make the responses. The researchers in the past did not provide the proper response and results from the market thus it was difficult to keep up with the reasons that contributed to the failure or stalling of the programs (Berman, 2016). It is important to understand that the concept of tobacco smoking is inbuilt in the society and uprooting it will require the participation of the entire public starting from the adults to the youths that will help in the spreading and upholding the law. The research was focusing on taking advantage of the internet, the questionnaires, surveys to help make sure that they do interact with the general population to help come up with the proper insight into the impact of the tobacco law in Florida.



Theoretical framework

The main working theory will involve trying to understand “how the society is perceiving the tobacco law and how it is going to affect the youths from consumption of tobacco”. It is evident that the tobacco crisis among the youths in Florida is on the rise which is a major issue. It is important to understand that the research will be focusing on the platform because it will help in the proper research which will help in the collection of data. The framework will help to guide the way that the society is trying to curb the problem and how the youths have been living in the past before the law and how they are behaving now that the law is imposed which is a major challenge. In addition, it will be vital to depict the originality of the law, its development and how it came to being which is vital to make sure that there is a major direction to the way that the society is planning its functions.

The research will incorporate the Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) which focuses on explaining reasons behind people engage in unhealthy practices while coming up with suggestions that will help change their behaviors. The theory will help in the detection of the reasons behind the vulnerability when it comes to the consumption of tobacco, before depicting the right coping and appraisal processes that then comprises of the right strategies such as self-efficacy, response costs, response efficacy (Cismaru & Lavack, 2017). The strategies help in the detection of the harm and thus it becomes easier to keep track and make sure that they help in coming up with solutions. It is evident that the response efficacy in the theory might help the government come up with the right behavioral responses that will help in the reduction and changing of behaviors among the children.

In addition, the theory will also encompass the theory of planned behavior whereby it is evident that the attitudes and social pressures influences the behaviors of the people. Tobacco smoking in Florida is growing and it is spreading to the next generation because there is a social norm and pressures which are changing the entire experiences in the society (Akers, Krohn Lanza-Kaduce & Radosevich, 2017). It is important to understand that there are numerous changes that are changing the entire society which is vital to make changes and experiences which is important to their performance. The tobacco law seeks to help reduce its abuse which is vital for the society thus the incorporation of the theory will help depict the causes, influences and how to make sure that they do capitalize and make sure that they eradicate the predicaments of the addictive substance.



The main understanding from the introduction of the law is that it is bound to help make changes in the society which makes it vital to understand and integrate the positioning of the society. It is important to make changes because it helps in making sure that there is a major direction for the interactions in the society. The tobacco consumption by the youths in Miami is on the rise but it is as a result of lose morals in the society and the lack of proper supervision and direction in the society. It is important to understand that the society is making a major change and move with the law that seeks to appeal to the entire society to be on the lookout about the consumption of tobacco by youths. There is also a plan of making sure that the pandemic is eliminated and how to help the youths get back to their life without much problems.

It is evident that the Florida tobacco law is seeing a positive response in the society because there is a slight reduction in the abuse of the cigarettes which is a major issue. The age limit, and imposition of stricter rules in the state will help establish a proper plan that will see the public function and interact on a basis of functions which change the way that they have to interact and indulge one another.

There are various policies instilled in the society that include penalties for the youths for purchasing, possessing and using of the drugs, restrictions of advertisements, penalties, restrictions and regulations aimed towards the youth access to tobacco and also school-based programs that make it a challenge for the youths to access the cigarettes and other tobacco substances (Reddy, Yadav, Arora & Nazar, 2012). The policies are supposed to be upheld by the various authorities including the learning institutions and impose the relative punishment to help discourage the habit among the teenagers.

The Florida Tobacco Act has influenced the entire tobacco industry because there is minimal advertisement of the product because it might sway the younger generation thus there are penalties of exposing of the tobacco to the youths. It is also evident that most of the schools and public workplaces are adopting the idea of a smoke free environment that is making it a challenge for smokers to smoke or carry their smokes into the areas (Berman, 2016). The tobacco products have become a product for people that want and are looking for it because there is poor labeling of the product and it has to list the right age and penalties imposed on violations of the policy.








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