Research Design In Social Work

 Students will write their final reflection (minimum three paragraphs) abut their experience preparing their research proposal and presenting it to their classmates. Students should reflect on their learning process during the past eight weeks.












Research Design on Impacts of Tobacco Law












Research Design on Impacts of Tobacco Law


Brief introduction

The methodology section will mainly help in the answering the questions on how to collect data and its analysis. It is evident that the paper will mainly depend on the qualitative research method as it is a social issue and it will mainly help with the interactions of the youths in Florida in regards to the tobacco law. The introduction of the process is relevant to the entire research process because it will help with the collection of data and interacting with the public.


The research will target the general interactions of the society towards the tobacco law and how it is affecting the youths. It is evident that the research will mainly include the 100 youths aged between the ages of 18-35 and also 100 adults of the ages above 35 years. The gender divisions in the research will be evenly distributed to help with the balance of the interactions across the research which is vital for increasing the divisions of data. It is also evident that the participants will be from various parts of the county and from different social divisions in the society which is relevant to the way that they will provide a diverse response and opinions regarding the topic of interaction.

Description of the instrument(s)

The research was focusing on the main use of the instruments such as the surveys, questionnaires and the internet as the main sources of information. It is important to understand that the questionnaires will both be applicable on the internet and in the physical world. The current restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic will make it impossible for physical interactions but they will mainly be interactive via the various social media platforms and even the phone through text and making calls. The questionnaires will comprise of consistent questions formulated to help answer the relevant questions to provide the insights into research questions.

The utilization of the surveys as a research instrument is vital in the production and efficiency because it is important to make the right strategy that will see more information and insight into the research. It is evident that the research will benefit from surveys because they will help with the extensive amount of information and how to make sure that they interact on a basis of such caliber. The surveys incorporate other methods such as questionnaires and the interviews to help bring in large amounts of data to make sure that they have to increase their participations.

The application of the internet as an instrument mainly involves seeking information, people’s comments and opinions from various social media platforms and websites and thus help compile it for the research. It is relevant to understand that the method is relevant because there are numerous researches into the research topic in the society that will help make it easier to interact and increase interactions into the research area. There is high dependence of the society on the internet that makes it important to establish a pattern that will help in taking advantage and increase the efficiency of the method.

Steps/procedures/process to get your research completed including the way that you review your literature

The method will mainly comprise of basic principles such as identifying and developing a topic of interaction which is vital for the development of a flow of the research. It is important to conduct the background information into the research topic to help get the insight whereby the involved parties, the potential outcomes and how to establish a solution or positioning of the research. The use of catalogs to help with the finding of the right media and books is an essential stage that is vital for their performance and interactions that is essential for practicality. The collection and sourcing of the data from the books, the media, internet resources and journal articles will help in the conducting of the literature review which is more practical and efficient in formulating the right hypothesis of the research. The literature review will mainly incorporate the descriptive analysis that will make sure that there is proper integration of the data but from a social and interactive platform.

Data Analysis/how you are going to analyze data

Data analysis is the most important part of the research because it compiles of breaking down information and making sure that it is relevant and practical in relation to the research question. The data analysis will take advantage of the content analysis and cluster analysis. The content analysis is relevant because it focuses on establishing a proper insight into the collected information and it focuses on the different types of information and groupings in the research team. It is important to make sure that there is a major advantage to integrate the content analysis because it brings out the best interpretation of data and making sure that it is productive. The cluster analysis helps in the breaking down data and creating sufficient grouping and because the research is revolving on a wider research area it will be relevant to apply the method as a way of helping their interactions.






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