1) Read page(s)23-24.  State your topic or research problem and provide, using APA format, a 10 source bibliography. Six sources should be magazine or newspaper articles 4 should be web documents or reports. 10 I’m total
2) Read page(s)18.  State your tentative research problem and create a title that captures the “essence” of your proposed study.  A good research paper title 1) condenses the paper’s content in a few words, 2) captures the readers’ attention and 3) differentiates the paper from other papers of the same subject area. Two examples are :  ” The effects of breast size on romantic feelings in a male”  and  “The social psychological effects of a male’s musculature on romantic feelings in a female .”
3) State your topic and discuss the 3 to 5 ideas in the chapter related to your topic that interest you.

4)Read page(s)16.  Discuss what topic you picked and why. The topic should be related to one of the chapters in the text.

So as of right now do what you can and I’ll get the pages for you.

in the docs are some examples