Q 1.  Corporate Culture:  List 3 aspects of your company’s work culture (“The Way We Do Things Around Here”) that stand out to you the most.  Tell a story you’ve encountered on the job that really illustrates at least one of these aspects:  What core beliefs do you think were being acted upon? Does anything surprise you?

Take the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) posted for this week.  Compare your current company culture to your preferred work culture environment.  Where do you see alignment?  What impact do you see your company’s culture having on the quality of your internship experience? What lessons do you see for yourself in future career planning?

Q1: attached is a profile for a student at BHCC, review it and tell us hoe it looks like(experience, organization, details). and how can I add to my profile to make it look strong.

Jackelyn Figueroa

Executive Search Expert at Choose Wisely Recruiting Services


Choose Wisely Recruiting Services

Executive Search Consultant

Company NameChoose Wisely Recruiting Services

Dates EmployedJun 2017 – Present Employment Duration11 mos

LocationGreater Boston Area

Job Seekers: It isn’t often that job seekers have exceptional and memorable experiences with staffing agencies when looking for work. At Choose Wisely we care just as much for our job seekers as we do for our business development. We understand these are difficult times and make it our mission to give you the peace of mind you need to land your next gig. See below at the steps we take with you to CHOOSE WISELY!

Employers: The correct skills alone do not guarantee a successful hire. Would you hire a candidate who did not share in your organization’s philosophy even if the candidate had the desired skills set? Understanding your company’s unique story and corporate culture is key to recruiting the right talent. Here at Choose Wisely we take the time to look at the big picture.

We evaluate your business, work environment, products and staffing needs and carefully consider these intangibles when assessing candidates.

The vast majority of candidates we represent have been referred to us by former co-workers or supervisors, thus we trust that they are proven professionals. Not many firms can say they’ve built 10+ years worth of business through relationships they built in several other companies and brought here to us.

Each candidate is put through in-depth meetings with our recruiters to thoroughly examine skills, level of experience, motivations and career goals. We truly know who we’re sending out to you, so there are no surprises!

We are known for doing extensive and comprehensive preliminary groundwork which results in us presenting a limited, select number of candidates to our clients for each position. We send an average of 4 candidates to interview for every placement we make. This is unheard of and unmatched in our industry!

BFS Associates

Manager, HR Placement Practice

Company NameBFS Associates

Dates EmployedNov 2015 – Jun 2017 Employment Duration1 yr 8 mos

LocationWoburn, Massachusetts

The HR function continues to evolve and transform around the world. Serving eastern New England as a Manager in our HR Placement Practice, it is my goal to stay informed of those changes, networking with passionate professionals in the industry and companies who are innovatively adapting.

Human Resources plays an essential role in developing a company’s strategy, as well as handling the employee-centric activities of an organization. It ensures the workforce embraces the company’s philosophy and business principles. This is why leading firms are increasingly realizing the importance of obtaining and retaining talented Human Resources Professionals. They recognize the value they provide within the framework of how business operates today at both a regional and global scale.

At BFS we have developed a vast network within the HR community and can tap into a more dormant job seeker population which other agency recruiters and internal HR departments rarely encounter.

We pride ourselves in not duplicating the hiring efforts of our client companies by merely posting ads, but instead utilizing our network of highly qualified individuals with whom we have built long standing relationships with over the years.

I welcome the opportunity to partner with you! In addition, if you are actively pursuing a new position, or just would like to passively hear about career opportunities, feel free to contact me. I would love to get to know you!

The CEI Group

Division Manager

Company NameThe CEI Group

Dates EmployedNov 2013 – Nov 2015 Employment Duration2 yrs 1 mo

Successfully launched the development of 2 newly formed divisions for Human Resources and Financial Services Operations and managed existing IT staffing team

Developed new recruiting team, strategies and reporting tools for all 3 divisions (total of 26 recruiters)

Promoted multiple team members to leadership roles in existing IT recruiting team, prioritizing workload and oversee delivery to numerous clients nation wide

Worked with executive management to set goals and create metrics for the accounts and team members for a more effective and efficient process

Total Clerical Services

Recruiting Manager

Company NameTotal Clerical Services

Dates EmployedJun 2012 – Nov 2013 Employment Duration1 yr 6 mos

LocationWaltham, MA


University of Massachusetts Boston

University of Massachusetts Boston

Degree NameBachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Field Of StudyBusiness Administration and Management, General

Dates attended or expected graduation 2011 – 2013

Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College

Degree NameAssociate’s degree Field Of StudyBusiness/Managerial Economics

Dates attended or expected graduation 2010 – 2011

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Endorsed by 4 of Jackelyn’s colleagues at Total Clerical Services

Temporary Placement

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Endorsed by 4 of Jackelyn’s colleagues at Total Clerical Services

Endorsed by 9 people who know Temporary Placement

Technical Recruiting

See 108 endorsements for Technical Recruiting99+

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Jennifer (Jenna) Santarelli

Jennifer (Jenna) Santarelli

Actively seeking new employment.

January 1, 2017, Jennifer (Jenna) was a client of Jackelyn’s

It isn’t often that a job seeker has such an exceptional and memorable experience with an agency recruiter. Looking for work – especially in a very competitive field such as HR – can be challenging and lets say I’ve had a “range” of experiences with various agencies and corporate recruiters.

I can honestly say that after being in the corporate world for many years, Jackelyn breaks the mold of any prior experience I have had while job seeking. To say that she goes above and beyond in the level of her dedication does not say enough about her tenacity and commitment. Jackelyn has reached out to me well outside of normal business hours and spends a great deal of time in explaining the role, company, culture and management style. She isn’t merely after her commission and just hungry to fill a role – she truly wants what is best for the candidate first and foremost. As someone who works in the HR field it isn’t easy to impress us with the interview process, as we are often the recruiting and on-boarding gurus ourselves.

Jackelyn is top notch in her field and I highly recommend both those with job postings as well as job seekers to connect with her. She brings a depth of knowledge and endless empathy for what is a challenging time for job seekers. Jackelyn thank you very much for your dedication and support!

Mackenzie Correia

Mackenzie Correia

Account Manager at Cyxtera

September 6, 2016, Mackenzie worked with Jackelyn in different groups

I have had the privilege of working with Jacky at Total Clerical Services. Jacky and I were commissioned to work as Recruiting Managers for the National and Local offices and gained experience overall success together. Through the several years that we spent together in a professional environment as well as personally developing a friendship, I have seen Jacky grow in the professional world and seen how driven she is to succeed in life.

Jacky is a successful risk-taker. She uses unique ways to determine what the target market needs are for her accounts and has the capability of tweaking her recruiting and vetting skill set accordingly to make sure she is giving the client exactly what they need. As a pragmatic leader and a realist, she can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. Jacky is known as diligent, personable, hardworking, and strives for nothing but the best – all qualities that define her completely.

As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Jacky is a pleasure to work with