Report 2(4)

Correlate your Work Experience with the course outcomes listed below-Should be Minimum 300 Words 

Marketing Management – Course Outcome 

1. Be familiar with the various approaches to Marketing Strategy

2. Be able to create and implement a Strategic Marketing Plan

3. Have a working knowledge of Product, Place, Price and Promotion Strategies

4. Understand the relationship between Marketing and other functional areas. 

 Work Experiences  

1. As an Oracle ERP Test Lead was responsible for managing 6 resources who were part of the testing team

2. Able to extract back end data using SQL/Toad queries

3. Developed new test plans for database application support

4. Involved in Integration testing using various FTP folders.

5. Tested WebServices /XML/SOAP services using SoapUI tool

6. Tested all the setups for OM, Shipping and Advance Pricing, AR, INV modules

7. Flow Testing for SCM Modules (AR, AP, OM, QP, BOM, INV, PO) to make sure flow is working without any issues

8. Reviewed database test cases according to assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from oracle database

9. Tested Punchouts in iProcurement. 

10. Written Standard test scripts for Oracle P2P and Oracle O2C Modules

11. Tested Demand data from Oracle Discover Reporting

12. Tested EDI Batches from OTM to Oracle

13. Done Field by Filed comparison of OTM and Oracle Data

14. Responsible for Test Plan Preparation, Test Strategy Preparation, Team Meetings Facilitation, Defect Tracking Facilitation, etc.

15. Analyze, design, prototype, configure, test, document, and implement new or modify existing software to support various business processes.