A minimum of 100 words each and References Response (#1 – 6) KEEP RESPONSE WITH ANSWER EACH ANSWER NEED TO HAVE A SCHOLARY SOURCE with a Hyperlink

Make sure the Responses includes the Following: (a) an understanding of the weekly content as supported by a scholarly resource, (b) the provision of a probing question. (c) stay on topic



1. The challenges that you face during your study seemed pretty significant. What were some of your strategies to help you overcome the challenges that you faced? Once you completed your study was your outcome in line with your hypothesis?

2. The scholarly research process was difficult. I knew that it would not be easy, but I am glad that I have this experience. I think it took a lot of work for all of us to put this together. I think the anxiety of turning in this paper can be overwhelming. I am proud of all of us for continuing and bringing new topics to light. The greatest encouragement is that all of this could actually be useful. I have used this quote before, but I think it gives us some clarity on why we really go through this process. According to Al-Riyami (2008), “As one authority rightly put it: ‘Health research is not a luxury, but an essential need that no nation can afford to ignore’” (para 1). I like to think that one day, we might continue in this direction and it would benefit so many and push for further research. The challenges I experienced was feeling like I didn’t have enough information on what I am researching, while at the same time, having too much. I didn’t want to overwhelm the process with unnecessary information, but I felt it was all necessary. I also had trouble picking a design and figuring the statistics of the test. I am still struggling with this. However, the strengths that I have that can add to the success of my research is that I am passionate about this topic and I think that relays within the paper.

3. The challenges I experienced in my research process was finding proper research and data. It was difficult for me to find sources that were fitting to my topic choice. Another challenge I had was finding scholarly research because the sources I was using before, were inappropriate for my type of research. The in-text citation is another work in progress for me as I find it hard to properly cite with The strength that I can add to the success of my research is time management. I have learned to manage my time in such a way that I am able to work on it without being rushed. It is important to get an early start on a research paper so that it can be critiqued before the final submission.

4. Reflecting over the course of this research process, I feel that my strengths that have contributed to my personal journey and experience is the fact I currently work in a profession that gives me a first hand reflection of medicine, how research is a continual process and how things are always changing. Because I get to see this process first hand such as the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine, I also get to see the process in which this has come to light. While my strengths of understanding the process of research and its served purpose, I also have some definite weaknesses. One particular weakness is making sure I stay objective and not biased in my review and dissertation of data gathered. Because I do work closely with and in the environment I am studying it can be an issue for my own personal opinion to sway my presentation of information gathered. I am continually working on this and am aware. Another weakness that I have found in this process is how meticulous this process is. While I am generally a very organized person this process of conducting research definitely takes organization to a whole new level and I am continually looking to become more efficient in this process. Overall I have learned so much and have also become extremely humbled as this course challenged most academic aspects of myself


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5. Attached is one’s poster presentation reflecting the effects of bullying in school-aged children. The study will include a self-reporting assessment in which the participants will fill out following situational vignettes. One does recognize that limitations will occur as self-reports usually do limit the strength of one’s results. Moreover, while age is a variable that will be measured in the study, gender is not. Much of the literature reviewed shows that males participate in bullying behaviors more so than girls, so observing gender was avoided in that one would like to review the results and see if responses reflect otherwise.

6.   Attached is my research proposal poster board. In the field of emergency medicine everything happens so fast. The need for immediate attention to tend to patients is vital. Therefore, the same need of patient care should also apply to those seeking immediate attention for psychiatric emergencies. The proposal of telepsychiatry used in the emergency department is reviewed. The anticipated outcome demonstrated the improvement of patient satisfaction, patient safety and staff overall safety as well as adequate and effective care of the patient’s needs.