Religious Quest Discussion QuestionWe’ve begun exploring the difference between science and religion and facts and beliefs in the discussion threads along with the Week 1 reflection paper on beliefs. This thread explores what spiritual growth means (need compelling definitions from those quality sources) and how are discussions fit. The images of rooms in a house or possible paths to take or a journey and our work in this thread deepens the central point of a religious quest as growing spiritually.

In week five the concept of biblical literalism is examined in regards to an informed, living Word of God foundation, which is not easy, nor short term, nor isolated is the mature, experienced, and prayerful interpretation of Sacred Scriptures. But this is one of several points that we should note and then study in reference to a mature faith and biblical studies. (This is a good point to include in the Week 3 Written Assignment!) (Biology is another point to relate to our work!) Just as we were born small, defenseless, incapable of speech and had the capacity for understanding but knew nothing, human development (each of us) needed to physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually needed to grow, deepen, and progress through stages that take time. See Kohlberg’s Model of Moral Development that might provide some insights in graphical form. Image result for kohlberg’s theory of moral development

Also, check out the lecture for this week to aid in our work.

Image result for fowler’s stages of faith development

Thoughts and sources, class?