Reflection Paper


Consider what you have learned about the history of various groups in the United States. Compare and contrast past treatment of at least two different racial/ethnic groups. In addition, discuss the current status (i.e., education level, employment experiences, income) of these groups.  Do you think that past treatment and circumstances (i.e., access and treatment discrimination; acceptance as U.S. citizens; education levels; reasons for immigrating to the U.S.) still affect group members today? Why or why not?  (Be sure to present evidence to support your assertion.) How is one’s position on the lingering effects of past discrimination likely to affect views regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of affirmative action programs?


When responding to the question prompt, be sure to integrate what you have learned throughout the course in terms of psychological processes (stereotypes, automatic versus controlled processing, in-group and out-group bias), societal influences (e.g., status characteristics theory, implicit bias), organizational factors (e.g., procedures to increase accountability, conditions to enhance controlled processing) and group experiences (e.g., how gender or race might impact one’s work experiences).


· Do not plagiarize. Remember you must cite all ideas that do not originate from you and you must put these ideas into your own words.

· Include a reference page and cite others work and ideas in the text.

· Don’t just summarize the readings or lectures. Although you must refer to the readings or lectures; a major portion of the paper should include your thoughts regarding the course material (e.g., consider and discuss whether you agree or disagree with what was presented; whether the course made you question or think about your assumptions and stereotypes).  When possible include your own insights, observations, and experience as you reflect on the topic that you chose to discuss.

· Support your statements with published work. The textbook and the articles posted in Canvas are good sources of information, but other sources of published information are available using the library’s databases.

· Most papers will be about 3-5 pages long. However, please do not ramble and repeat yourself for the sake of getting 3 pages worth of material. A shorter paper is fine if it is written clearly and concisely and addresses each of the required points. Similarly, a longer paper is fine as long as it is written clearly and concisely.