Reflection Journal Entry

As you complete the course, it is important to look back at the content and skills that you have learned, and consider how you will implement these skills throughout your academic program, and in your personal and professional life.

Reflect on the content presented, and the skills you have learned throughout all five weeks of this course.

Write a journal entry of at least 350 words discussing the following questions:     

  • What rhetorical writing strategies have you learned in this course that will be most useful, and how will they influence your writing?
  • In what ways might knowledge of argumentative or persuasive writing be important to your future courses and career?
  • Why is it important to become aware of how to convert the written word into a presentation? How might that skill be used in your future career?
  • Thinking back over the courses you have completed so far in your degree program, what are the three most important lessons learned that you will use in the future? Explain and provide examples.

Note: Because this is a journal entry, APA formatting is not required