Ratio Table

Ratio Table – Facebook Inc.


Performance Measure 20__ 20__ 20__ Industry Average
Current Ratio        
Cash Ratio        
Asset Management
Raw Materials Turnover in Days        
WIP Turnover in Days        
Finished Goods Turnover in Days        
A/R Turnover in Days        
A/P Turnover in Days        
Cash Conversion Cycle        
Fixed Assets Turnover        
Total Asset Turnover        
Long-term Debt Paying Ability
LT Debt to Total Capitalization        
Cash Flow Coverage Ratio        
Gross Margin        
Operating Profit Margin        
Net Profit Margin        


Using the Financial Ratio Analysis Worksheet calculate the various ratios using the 3 most recent years of financial statements for Facebook Inc.’s value chain.

For this discussion activity review at least two other student postings, for each student select a minimum of 1 ratio and provide some insight into the actual ratio itself and the implications for the company. (example:  __% indicates a low net profit margin compared to industry and what does that mean for the company)