Questions To Answer

My suggestion is when you are answering the questions put down the number of the questions so I know which answer goes to which question.  

1. Suppose you want to change your organization’s culture. (a) What sort of resistance would you expect from employees? (b) As a manager, how would you deal with this resistance?

2. Given Schein’s three levels, can we ever truly understand an organization’s culture? Explain.

3. (a) To what extent is culture manageable? (b) To what extent is culture changeable?

More questions:

1.  A. Identify the three levels of organizational culture. 
B. Explain each of the three levels of organizational culture. 

2.  How can each of these levels of culture be measured? 

3.  A. Describe five artifacts of culture.
B. Give an example of each. 

4.  A. Explain three theories about the relationship between organizational culture and performance.
B. What does the research evidence say about each one?

5.  A. Describe adaptive cultures.
B. List and describe the five most important elements in managing culture.
C. Describe nonadaptive cultures. (See Table 16.2) 

6.  A. How can leaders shape organizational culture? (Use your knowledge and experience to answer this question.)
B. How can managers assess the organizational culture?
C. What actions can managers take to change the organizational culture? 

7.  A. Describe the three stages of organizational socialization.
B. How is culture communicated in each stage? 

8.  How does a manager know that cultural change has been successful?  

9.  What can managers do to develop a global organizational culture?