Questions And Answers

Chapter 11 – Question 1:  A decentralized structure is more likely to further the cause of good strategy execution than is a centralized structure.  True, false, or it depends?  Justify your answer.  Be sure to define the two terms you are discussing.

Chapter 11 – Question 2:  What is meant by the term “corporate culture”?  Why is corporate culture an important factor in implementing and executing strategy?

Chapter 11 – Question 3:  Define and discuss input and output controls.  How does this concept of output controls differ from previous ideas you might have had about what they are?  Explain.

Chapter 12 – Question 4:  “…an effective strategic leader should focus on creating shared values, a concept that involves creating economic values for shareholders while also creating social values by addressing society’s needs and challenges.”  Discuss.

Chapter 12 – Question 5:  What is corporate governance?  Explain, to include the role of a board of directors.  How have boards changed in the recent years?

Chapter 12 – Question 6:  What are the causes of unethical strategies and unethical business behaviors?  How might these causes be addressed to stop the unwanted behaviors?