You are provided with the following amino acid sequence:

1 mfkemrlkkr emtkedtvev lkngefgtfs tisengypyg vavnyvyfnd siyfhcarng

61 hkldnisknn kvsflvvane svipdkfstt yssaivfgka ctveneekkn alveiikkys

121 kgffeegmky iekdmnlttv vkieidhisg kasrl

Use online bioinformatics tools, and search the scientific literature to answer the following questions

1. What is this protein? (name, function from blast search)

3. Can you make a prediction of its function? What evidence supports this prediction?

5. If the protein occurs in other organisms, can this information be used to glean further, more specific information on the function of the protein?

6. How similar is your query sequence to other homologous sequences – present this information as an alignment of relevant sequences, and use these sequences to construct a phylogenetic tree (use Clustal omega).

Special requirements

Detailed explanations needed