1. Write the formulas for the following compounds.

a. Carbon tetrabromide

b. Diphosphorous trioxide

c. Potassium permanganate

d. Calcium hydrogen carbonate

e. Dichlorine heptoxide

f. Trisilicon teranitride

g. Sodium dihydrogen phosphate

h. Phosphorous pentabromide

i. Carbon tetrachloride

2. Name each compound.

a. Mg(MnO4)2

b. Be(NO3)2

c. K2CO3

d. N2H4

e. LiOH

f. BaF2

g. PI3

h. ZnO

3. Would you expect the following pairs of atoms to combine chemically to give an

ionic or a molecular compound?

a. Li and S

b. O and S

c. Al and O

d. F and Cl

e. I and K

f. H and N