Title: “Purchases and Payments Business Process”

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Accounting Information System I
Professor Michael Raponi
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Write a response of no more than 1,050 words to Problem 1 from Ch. 6, “Purchases and Payments Business Process” on pp. 146 of Accounting Information Systems.

The Tablet Store recently opened to sell iPads and other tablet computing devices. It purchases its tablets directly from the manufacturers (e.g., AppleSamsung, and Dell). This problem describes its purchases and payments process. To order tablets, a Tablet Store employee submits a purchase order to the manufacturer electronically. Each purchase order could stipulate several different models of tablets from one manufacturer. The manufacturers typically deliver the tablets to the store within 2 weeks after they receive the purchase order. The Tablet Store pays for each shipment within 30 days after receipt. If there are multiple orders to the same manufacturer, the Tablet Store occasionally combines payments, issuing one check for multiple receipts. All of the Tablet Store checks are drawn on one bank account.

a. Draw a UML class diagram that describes the Tablet Store’s purchases and payments process.

b. Using Microsoft Access, implement a relational database from your UML class diagram. Identify at least three fields per table.

c. Describe how you would use the relational database to determine the Tablet Store’s accounts payable.