Psychology Scenarios

potential structural/resource limitations presented in this scenario (training concerns, parental implementation, cultural considerations, etc.)eeds to be included.

Brief Scenarios:

• This behavior seems to escalate out of no wherewith the parents thinking it might be due to him not getting what he wants, but he does not communication functionally to let them know what he wants. Parents are more than willing to work with you and want parent training themselves to be able to help their son in the best way possible.

• The staff think this might be escape from demands but they also are not sure because they also do this at other times in the day without unknown causes (at least nothing really clear to the staff).

• The work she does do is exemplary, but she is getting lower grades because she is not handing things in. Teachers report that she is also not focusing on class as well. When parents and teachers ask Stacey why she is not doing her work, she says, “it is boring, and I can already do all of these things in my head. Why do I have to do this now?”