Psychology Questions

Attached are the questions that need answered. If there is a video response needed I will do the video if the information is given. All questions need references.

All questions should include references:

Historical and Cultural Influences of Career Counseling

Identify two ways in which cultural and historical events have influenced the career development field. In addition, what do you think is influencing career counseling in the present?

Your initial post should be at least 300 words.


Critiquing Career Theories

Choose a theory to write about. Write a few brief sentences about the theory and some of its constructs. Name two benefits and two places you see this theory could improve and how. Use at least two references in your response, one may be your textbook. Please try to choose a different theory than your classmates.

Your initial post should be at least 300 words.


Multicultural Career Counseling (Although this is a video… if this question is answered I can do the video)

Create up to a five minute video, using the “record/upload media” function in your discussion settings, discussing career counseling with respect to one minority group of your choosing. Be sure to use at least two resources in preparation of your video and list them on your discussion post.


Cultural Competency

Please discuss one reason it is important for career counselors to be culturally competent. In addition, discuss one way in which career counselors can show cultural competency. Please use at least two resources. One may be one of the required readings for this week.


After reading Chapter 8 about various techniques and strategies for career counseling, what do you feel would be a strength of yours in a career counseling relationship and why? What do you think you will have the most trouble with?



Career Development Program- (This is a video assignment…. If this is typed up, I can video)

Create a 5-10 minute elevator pitch video of a career counseling program, using the system in Canvas. Use the “video” function of the discussion post. In the video, go through the steps listed in your book. Be sure to include the following information: population, need for the program in your population, at least three (3) measurable outcomes for the program, how you will deliver the program and why, one to two examples of a method you will use to meet an objective, name several costs of running the program, be sure to include the value to your audience, and how you will evaluate your program and when. Use 2-3 resources and list them in the discussion post.


Career Development Ethics

Create a brief ethical scenario that you might come across in career counseling. Write a brief synopsis of the situation for your original post.

In your follow-up posts to two students, discuss an ethical decision making model to examine the issue, and go through the model to discuss the case posted by your classmate. Be sure to use the NCDA Code of Ethics (2015) in your responses.


National Career Development Association. (2015). Code of ethics. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.