PS115: Psychology Program and Profession



Unit 7 Assignment — Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

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Part 1: Replace each “Open Elective” slot with the course number and course name of the elective you have chosen. Be sure you have verified that the course you have selected also meets the credits indicated and that the selected course is not already present on your degree plan.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis Degree Plan Course Sequence Credits
PS115 Psychology Program and Profession 5
CM107 College Composition 5
PS124 Introduction to Psychology 5
MM150 Survey of Mathematics or MM212 College Algebra 5
CM220 College Composition II-Communication 5
HN144 Human Behavior and the Environment 5
Open Elective 5
PS210 History of Psychology 5
CM206 Interpersonal Communication 5
PS220 Child and Adolescent Psychology 5
HN200 Survey of Social Problems 5
Open Elective 5
Open Elective 5
CS204 Professional Presence 3
Open Elective 5
MM207 Statistics 5
PS300 Research Methods I 6
PS215 Neuroscience 5
Open Elective 5
HU200 Critical Evaluation in the Humanities, HU245 Ethics, or HU250 Humanities and Culture 5
PS330 Personality Development 6
SS211 The 1960’s-Reshaping the American Dream; SS 236 People, Power, & Politics-An Introduction to American Government; or SS250 The Technological Revolution 5
Open Elective 5
SC235 Changing World, SC250 Science for Everyday Life, or SC246 Fundamentals of Microbiology 5
PS340 Exceptional Needs Children 6
PS380 Clinical Psychology 6
PS360 Applied Behavior Analysis I 6
PS440 Abnormal Psychology 6
PS365 Applied Behavior Analysis II 6
PS385 Targeted Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis 6
PS430 Program Design and Evaluation 6
CE340 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders in Young Children 6
PS410 Screening and Assessment 6
PS498 Bachelor’s Capstone in Psychology 6



Part 2: Please complete the chart below using the five skills identified in your Unit 2 Assignment. Be sure to replace the sample in red below with your own content.


Course Goal/Skill Outcome Explanation
CE370 – Funding Development and Financial Planning in Early

Childhood Programs

CE370 will help me improve my confidence and skill set in developing funding sources and financial planning, which will be beneficial to me once I open my own childcare center. Apply knowledge through active participation in coursework and review of current practices in child development, learning theory, program administration, leadership competencies, and financial management in early childhood programs. I will be able to use CE370 to meet the program outcome because the course will support me in gaining knowledge in financial management strategies in early childhood programs.



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