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Current Event Paper Assignment # 2


This assignment will involve the selection a current event from the news and applying it to a concept or subject from the course textbook, Psychopathology: Foundations for a Contemporary Understanding, 4th edition (Maddux & Winstead, 2016). Papers must be a minimum of 3 pages in length. Your submission should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides of each page and should be free of spelling and grammar errors. It must include source crediting of any materials used in APA format, including source citations in the body of your paper and in a Reference list attached to the end. Easy to follow guides to APA formatting can be found on the tutorial section of the APUS Online Library.

Students may select any subject from the textbook, as long as they are able to (a) thoroughly describe the selected concept and  (b) make a sound case for why it relates to the selected current event.

Students may select any relevant current event from the news, citing the description of the event from an internet news source.

The paper will include three major components:

  1. Selection and description of the current event
  2. Selection and description of the textbook concept
  3. Integration and synthesis of the textbook concept with the selected current event

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Running Head: MOOD DISORDERS 1











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Mood disorders are the continuous changes in the moods of people therefore enabling them to bring about disruptions in different activities. Mood disorders occur in three different states. The criteria for mood disorders include: bipolar, depressive and manic. The depressed mood experienced by the majority of the members of the public make it hard for them to carry out their roles as per expected. (Mammen, 2018)

The ability of different people to work for the purposes of achieving their set goals and objectives is facilitated by the stability of their moods. As a result, mood disorders experienced by the majority of members of society, the people in different organizations have been able to experience unnecessary conflicts that make it hard for them to achieve set goals and objectives. Also, mood disorders experienced by majority of people should be effectively controlled to enable the people to live in peace and harmony. However, researchers believe that mood disorders are brought about by both environmental and biological factors.

On the other hand, traumatic life events experienced by many people are known to contribute to mood disorders. When people experience mood disorders, the learning processes becomes hard and the majority of them are likely to encounter failures in different areas of their lives. Again, mood disorders have negative impacts on the working life of people. This can increase the poverty rates in the country as well as the dependency rates.

According to some other research, medication as well as substance abuse might bring about mood disorders in some people. To mitigate this, people should be advised to avoid drugs and substance abuse to ensure that they set good examples to others (Anand, 2019)

As far as the current event on mood disorders is concerned, the New York Times currently published an article regarding members of the military who were subjected to military training who were experiencing mood disorders. The mood disorders amongst military members have made it hard for the troops to carry out their tasks in the best way possible. Moreover, the mood disorder affected the manner in which the troops carry out their jobs, with many performing poorly in their areas of work. As a result of mood disorders diagnosed, this puts troops in danger as well as the security of the nation, because troops are unable to do their jobs to the best of their ability. It also makes it tough on veterans to maintain employment once they leave the military because they are unable to maintain employment, to take care of themselves and their families.

As a result of the mood disorders conflicts have been experienced between the troops. This has brought about negative effects to its members due to the fact that mass killings have been experienced therefore affecting the development of society. The killings of troops by their colleagues have increased the crime cases in society as well as lack of parental care to many of the children in the country. The conflicts between the troops have encouraged criminals to enter the country and hence carry out attacks to the members of the public. This destabilizes the country hence the rates of the development and growth are deteriorated. The article published by the New York Times has made it clear that the country has experienced an increased number of crimes for the last five years.

However, the poverty rates have been increased by the mood disorders experienced by the United States’ troops especially when majority of them are sacked from their job positions as a result of the misconduct they bring about in their workplaces. As a result of the mood disorders, unfamiliar behaviors have been realized amongst the troops which have continuously brought about insecurity cases in the country. To reduce the cases of insecurity due to the mood disorders, the management of the troops has been able to come up with mechanisms of ensuring that the indiscipline troops are sacked and hence arrested because of their misconduct. (Pfau, 2018)

On the other hand, mood disorders amongst the troops according to the article are brought about by the stress experienced by the troops in their training. To reduce the stress, the troops should be rehabilitated and hence provided with the right guidance and counseling to enable them to cope with the nature of the environment their live in.

The rehabilitation of the troops will play important roles in enabling them to acquire the required training on the manner in which they should adapt the harsh working environment they are subjected to. The command decisions by the troops by enable them to experience the mood disorders hence finding it hard for them to work accordingly. The working conditions of the soldiers are hard enough therefore enabling them to experience the psychological issues which subject them to different challenges in their lives.

According to the article of the current events on the mood disorders, it is true that the mood disorders are brought about by the combination of the psychological, predisposition and medical factors. When the factors are combined, they change the brain of the troops hence making them to analyze things accordingly. When the condition of the brain of the troops is changed, they get depressed they ensuring that the undergo stress. According to the newspaper, depression is one of the symptoms of mood disorders.

However, when the changes are experienced by the brain of the troops, their neurotransmitters are affected hence the transmission of their nerves is affected. Again, this makes it hard for the coordination of the nerves to be experienced. As a result, they become unable to carry out their tasks accordingly hence majority end up taking part in social crimes in the society.

The social crimes carried out by the people affected by the mood disorders increase the cases of crimes in the society therefore leading to the failure of the organization. Some social crimes such as theft brought about by the mood disorders might affect the normal running of different organization. When the cases of theft are increased, the organization might experience losses therefore different risks are experienced. The limbic system of the people affected by the mood disorders is affected and therefore the emotions of the people are affected negatively. The emotional behaviors as a result of the influence of the limbic system by the people increase the cases of conflicts amongst the members of the public.

According to the textbook, the people experiencing the mood disorders should be provided with guidance and counseling as it will enable them to develop as per the expected. The guidance and counseling will play important roles in ensuring that the affected people are transformed and therefore taught on how they should address the issues brought about by their mood swings. According to the textbook concept, the mood disorders can be reduced by the people being able to share their experience with other. When the experiences are shared, the people are encouraged to cope up with the challenges they experienced and therefore different solutions are provided to the affected person. (Mammen, 2018)

The concept from the textbook relate with the current event on the mood disorders in the United States’ troops in that they are said to be brought by the hardships the troops experience in their working conditions. The hardships experienced by the troop are known to bring the mood disorders therefore affecting the actions by the troops. The working conditions of the troops should therefore be changed for the purposes of ensuring that a large number of the troops do not experience the issues.

During their operations, the troops should be counseled for the purposes of ensuring that they are psychologically prepared to undergo the hardships in their places of work. The guidance and counseling will again motivate them to adapt the working condition therefore making it easy for them to achieve the set goals and objectives hence securing the country as per the expected. The textbook was clear that the mood disorders might bring about psychological disorders to the people and therefore they should be controlled in their early stages for the purposes of enabling the people to live accordingly. (Conner, 2019)









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