PSYC 351 Week 4

Week 4 A


As you read the chapters on childhood, you may notice that the process of diagnosing and labeling children is changing.  Both labels of autism and fetal alcohol syndrome have now been replaced with “autism spectrum disorders” and “fetal alcohol spectrum disorders”, respectively. Why have these changes occurred? What impact does labeling a child with a diagnosis have on that child? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Please post and respond to at least two of your classmates for full credit.



Week 4 B


Paper discussion #1 – Outline

In preparation of your  paper , this week you will submit an outline of your paper plan, using the topic I emailed to you in Week 2. Please clearly state your assigned paper topic, and, at minimum, a 10-line outline of how you plan to write your paper. Give a very short summary (2-4 sentence) of how you will use each of the articles.

This is also a great time to post any questions you have about the paper. We will continue to work on it through the term, and the paper is due at the end of Week 7.


Topic for Week 4 B:

I have posted information regarding your paper in our PSYC 351 class, the “My Lot in Life” project, in Week 7. General information about the paper structure and expectations are posted in this module, and will be relevant to all topics (e.g., length, APA style, reference requirements).

Your randomly-assigned “lot” is that your child Rylee is born deaf. You are responsible for finding relevant and meaningful material on this topic and using the material to write an integrated essay as to how your story or plan for the future would unfold, given this “lot” you have been assigned.

Your paper is due by 2359 on Sunday, Dec 8. In Week 5, one of our Discussions will be based on finding and choosing research articles on your topic. In the meantime, take some time to consider what this experience would mean in your life, and to start reading up on the topic.

Please note that, given the narrative aspect of this paper topic, you are encouraged to write a least a portion of the paper in the “first-person” (i.e., you may disregard any APA style directions which forbid the use of first person).