Psy327 Discussion 12

For your discussion post, please select one of the following prompts:

(1) Why Does Jimmy Get 2 Cookies: It is a common experience to belong to a group and feel like that group is treating you differently than other group members. This can lead to feelings of anger and resentment. This is tied to our concepts of justice and how groups behave. Please answer the following: (1) What are the different types of justice, (2) pick one type to discuss in detail, and (3) why this type?

(2) Two Heads Better Than One: Working in groups is a common experience for most people, and can often lead to accomplishments one person would not achieve. Groups have some potential pitfalls however. For this prompt, please answer the following: (1) What are some positives of group decision making, (2) what are some negatives of group decision making, and (3) do you think the risks outweigh the rewards if group decision making?