Psy327 Discussion 11

For your discussion post, please select one of the following prompts:

(1) Only Real Fans Noticed This Detail: I am a very avid player of video games. One could say I am a video gamer… But with this group membership/identification there are benefits and negatives. For this prompt: (1) What are some benefits of group membership, (2) what are some negatives of group membership, and (3) is belonging to a group worth the headaches?

(2) When is a Collection of People a Group: A group is more than a bunch of people in close proximity. Sometimes group members never meet in the flesh. So, what is a group? Please answer the following: (1) What are the key components of a group, (2) pick one component to describe in detail, and (3) why is this aspect of groups important for us to understand when examining social psychology?