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Create your own top five essentials of leadership communication.

· Listening

· Honesty

· Feedback

· Body language

· Curiosity

Share why you feel these are important and how as a leader you can help others succeed through these five essentials.

Listening is essential because it helps you to understand what others want to know so that you can effectively communicate it. Listening always precedes communication. Listening is the tool to understand the expectations of others so that you can convey your thoughts in the best possible way. Honesty is another significant part of communication that is very important. Being honest in all your communications, interactions with others, and with yourself; saying what you mean and meaning what you say. (Oedekoven, O. O., Lavrenz, J., & Robbins, D. 2018). Keeping agreements/promises/ commitments. Honesty is doing the best you can to promote understanding and to avoid confusion. Honesty includes the value of maximizing gains for everyone, not just for self or a selected few. Honesty is being consistently true to values. Another is the feedback, which is a vital part of communication; it helps the sender to know that you heard and understand the information. Before we go out on any mission, the soldiers require a step by step brief on the mission objective, the plan, and the execution. After, soldiers are expected to give us a back summary of the mission and the execution of the mission. it is vital to all our safety that everyone understands what to do in the case of someone going down.

As a leader, these five-communication tool has made a difference in the way that I want my message to be heard and to be effective. Effective communication and effective leadership are closely intertwined. (Center for Creative Leadership. (n.d.). The way that my soldiers receive information that am communicated with them is extremely valuables. Everyone receives information differently than others do. Some individuals receive information as it comes and understands what is being briefed to them, other you must break down what you are trying to get across, those are my targeted individual. I try to identify where the disconnect if there is any barrier that I need to clear so that the individual can have a better idea and understand what I am trying to let him/her know without offending that individual. Once you have broken down you the information and conduct a walkthrough with that individual, then you can get them to give you a feedback as if they were the one giving you the information. If I would be how you help them to succeed through those five essentials of leadership communication.


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