Project Management Team Contract

Grading Criteria for Team Contract

· Team Contract – 100pts

· Team Number, Team Mission, Team Roles and Leadership – 30pts

· Rules of Behavior – 30pts, each item 6pts

· Code of conduct

· Participation

· Communication

· Problem Solving

· Conflict Management Strategies

· Form for Meeting Agenda and a form of Meeting Record – 20 pts

· Team Evaluation Form -20pts

MIS 363 Team Contract

Due February 5th, 1PM

A Hardcopy of Team Contract and Syllabus Signed by Every Team member

The Team Contract shall have all the following fields filled and include templates for meeting agenda, meeting records, peer evaluation form. A sample team contract is provided for your reference. Your team contract should be significantly different, based on the discussions among YOUR team.

Throughout the semester, the team should use meeting agenda and meeting records for every meeting. On April 23th, the team shall submit all the meeting agenda and records, along with peer evaluation form filled by each team member, as part of course project hand-in.

1. Team Number

2. Team Name:

[make up a cool name here!]

3. Team Member Names

4. Team Mission

[description of the desired outcomes of the project and presentation.]

3. Rules of Behaviour

3.1 Code of Conduct

3.2 Participation

3.3 Communication

3.4 Problem Solving

3.5 Conflict Management Strategies

[refer to the conflict management strategies discussed in class, and describe how, when and what you will use in case of team member conflict.]

3.7 Meeting Guidelines with Meeting Agenda Form and Meeting Record Form attached [Guidelines about running meetings. A form for meeting agenda, and a form of meeting record should be included as part of the submission. Note that at the end of the semester, agendas and records of all meetings conducted by the team need to be submitted for grading, as part of final project report.]

4. Team Evaluation Form

[Each team establishes its own evaluation criteria as part of the contract. A form of Team Evaluation Form, filled by each team member, should be included as part of the submission of the course project. At the end of the semester each team provides an integrated team evaluation score out of 10 points in total for each individual team member, aggregated from peer evaluation.]

You may refer to the sample on Moodle, and other resources that you may find on the Web but your team needs to work collaboratively and creatively to make your *own original* team contracts. You can NOT just use someone else’s contract or forms for this course.

Name of each team member Signatures