Project Management

Project Procurement Management Discussions

Week 8 Discussion

“Outsourcing.” Students will respond to the following:

· With the growth of outsourcing to third-party goods and services at a rate of 40 to 80 percent, how can project managers lead successfully?

Week 9 Discussion

“Cheung’s Stair-step Chart.” Cheung (1999) provides a dispute resolution “stair-step” chart composed of seven (7) steps.

· Of the steps in this dispute resolution, which step is the most crucial? Why?

Week 10 Discussion

“Project Productivity Loss.” There are ten (10) top causes of project productivity loss.

· The following are the ten (10) most prevalent causes for loss of project productivity. Which occur most frequently in your organization? Why?

1. Changing work sequence

2. Skill dilution

3. Supervision dilution

4. Overtime/second shift

5. Rework

6. Congestion/crowding

7. Late/changing engineering

8. Morale

9. Tools/equipment/materials

10. Schedule pressure