Processes And Implementation, Business Framework, And ERP Integration

In 3-4 pages, explain the processes and implementation, business framework, and ERP integration and services in Runa Uturuncu LLC’s organization. The goal of this project is the implementation of a set of skills – how to install, learn, and evaluate new technologies. This goal is achieved through the effectiveness of open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

Deliverables for this week are:

  1. Analyze the ERP’s system effectiveness by implementing a complex business process (consider the impact on agility and efficiency combining ERP and BPM in the organization). For example, combining both ERP and BPM and providing work instructions to the employees and best practices and standards by which to perform, the company can help employees service customers more quickly, increasing satisfaction and decreasing costs.
  2. Provide a recommendation on whether the software (SAP software) should or should not be used in the organizational setting to run the business.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

Project Overview

In the course project you will analyze the organizational structure, the problems, and the solutions for the organization Runa Uturuncu  LLC. You will also need to integrate the Business Process Management (BPM) with the Enterprise Resource Planning or more commonly known as the ‘SAP-ERP.’ You will solve the problems (See Problem below), present your conclusions and recommendations, and support your strategy.  Namely, the company has problems with the processing of purchase orders. Customers also have difficulty following the purchase order.

Runa Uturuncu LLC, has a base in the U.S. and Europe (Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Gibraltar). This company is in the computer parts business and it has three lines of focus: Networking parts, Processors (CPU), and Graphic Cards, but has an interest in providing/selling all parts in the computer industry. Globally, it has more than 2000 employees. This company is working with SAP-ERP systems that promote and integrate business processes. The organization produces their own version of a CPU and a Gaming Graphic Card. Runa Uturuncu  LLC , sells all of its products to specific dealers around the world. The organization has manufacturing in the United States, Switzerland, Gibraltar, and Netherlands. You will need to explain the business process and workflow management in SAP-ERP. You also need to come up with a solution to the following problem and provide conclusions and recommendations.


The company processes purchase orders for computer hardware, and there are many complex problems involved in this. The purchase order (PO) document is complex and contains many challenges for both the company and the customer. The purchase order (PO) may contain requests for other hardware components (e.g., storage devices, networking equipment, etc.). Customers want a coherent view of their purchase order’s progress, a reasonable delivery schedule (the machines should not arrive one-at-a-time), alerts, etc. The company’s profitability requires efficient coordination, delivery, and in some cases assembly of components. The processing of the PO may require business rules to validate configurations or compute volume discounts. The process may call for numerical algorithms to optimize production and shipping schedules. In addition, there are many non-integrated applications, different views and forms of business artifacts (PO, product descriptions), and manual tasks.

The business process typically involves multiple enterprise sites and business units (for example, server assembly, microelectronics, financing), and external partners.

You will likely uncover, discover other issues of concern with this limited information on the company.  Your goal here is not about the computer parts, as what the inventory is, is not important, it can be WIDGETS for all you care as the problem is the process and not the ‘stuff’ itself. So let that be your focus, and be creative in how you will overcome this problem and make Runa Uturuncu  LLC , a stronger more profitable company as a result of your expert consultation and recommendations!  

Improving Business Process Management Solutions

Here is the structure of Runa Uturuncu LLC:

Over the next six weeks, you will work on the following issues:

Organizational strategy

1. Redesign or improve programs

2. How process measures are aligned with the organization’s goals and strategies (briefly discusses design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control business processes achieving the results with the organization’s strategic goals).

3. Culture and leadership (briefly discuss Europe vs. US culture)

4. Governance (focus on regulatory policies and IT). This includes policies, regulations, and statutory changes as needed.

5. People (designing and bringing innovative methodologies, software tools, and applications for the implementation of processes “collaboratively defined and executed” by stakeholders – employees and customers – inside of the business.

Architecture of Enterprise Systems (SAP-ERP)

1. Client-server architecture

2. Service-oriented architecture

Functional Structure

1. Identify the functions of purchasing, operations, warehouse, sales, and marketing, financial accounting, human resources and information systems.

2. Identify the processes (a) procurement process (buy), (b) production process (make), and (c) fulfillment process (sell).