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D/B 3

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Too often as college students, we tend to think like a job applicant and fail to appreciate human resource (HR) management systems from the insider’s perspective. Review the bold print vocabulary terms in chapter 9 as you decide what HR technique you have experienced personally. Tell your classmates what happened, and whether it was a positive or negative experience. If positive for you, explain why you thought it was a professional technique that the firm should continue.  If a negative feeling occurred, explain how you think the organization could improve on that point.

Since you will be writing on the college level, I know that you will be professional and tactful, even if you describe negative events. Do not name the company so that we can be more focused on the human resource issues than the place where it happened. This discussion is broad in its focus, so we will read about many different HR management terms as well as a variety of ideas and suggestions for improvements in the world of business.  Remember to reply to two others. This variety should lead to some of the best conversations of the class.

You can do a warehouse job and a retail department store job and customer service job