This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:

  • Apply field knowledge to a Psychology/Social Sciences real-world practicum experience or capstone project.
  • Identify and describe ethical issues that can arise when working in the community.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to a real-world project.
  • Evaluate the experience of participating in a real-world project.
  • Prepare a formal written practicum report/capstone paper on the real-world project selected.
  • Present an oral executive briefing from the practicum experience/capstone paper on the real-world project selected.


The final report is the main deliverable of the course. The report is meant to be as complete a representation as possible of your Practicum Project experience. It is expected that in it you will detail what you have learned in this course, provide a culminating explanation of what you have learned in the degree, and clarify your expectations going forward.

You should draw on theories, main principles, and foundational concepts of applied psychology that you have studied in the curriculum. You will: 1) summarize your practical experience; 2) discuss how at least three theories relate to your practical experience; and 3) describe how those theories and the experience in this course figure into your next steps.

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My internship at Ulitmate Care supported Living Organization has been a wonderful learning experience. The company provides home care services to people with disabilities and is approved Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). The company aims to create an environment that best responds to clients’ interests and needs of its clients and their families. The employees act in a responsible and very trustworthy. Ultimate care supported living to provide various services such as residential and assisted living care, they provide non-medical transportation services, adult foster, and respite care. And most importantly community inclusion includes adult day services and habilitation. My need to help people was also one of the reasons I choose this site. To learn more about the department of developmental and disabilities (DODD). I resonate with its mission statement. “Building bridges between our individuals and the community they live in through community inclusion and community outreach.” The company’s intent to provide individuals with the ability and capacity to live a normal life by providing all necessary tools speaks volumes. They pride themselves in protecting everyone in all stages of their developmental needs and treat them with dignity as all humans deserve to be treated and with equal respect for everyone. Comment by James Frazier: It looks like your text here is set to “justified”, which adds some irregular spacing between words.  Make sure that your text throughout the document is “left aligned”. Comment by James Frazier: I see an inconsistent number of spaces after periods. One space after a period is now the correct option according to APA, and this can be fixed using the “find and replace” function in Microsoft Word. Interesting fact: two spaces after a period is a practice leftover from our typewriter days. The practice in printed literature has been one space for a long time now, but now it’s the official rule. Comment by James Frazier: Remove gray highlight staring here

Within the company, I am attached to the human resource department, a very critical department handling all the employees’ concerns, who are the most valuable assets of any organization, and important determiner of company success. The site manager allowed me to coordinate employees’ activities like organizing and taking part employees’ in interviews. I learned very resourceful information on what it takes to prepare for an interview, its logistics and other important requirements of a successful and objective interview. The opportunity gave me a great insight into what is the accepted conduct and focus when carrying out interviews of any type, including behavioral interviews. Comment by James Frazier: The sentence structure/phrasing here is a bit unclear for me, and I can’t quite understand what you’re trying to say. Could you take a look at it again to see if you can clarify? Here are some general tips on sentence clarity:

I was given an opportunity to organize training for new employees to help them fully integrate into the company, understand the governing rules, including the accepted conduct and gain an improved understanding of their respective responsibilities in the company. Through the training program and its preparation, I learned that the training content should align with the organization’s mission and vision statements and include the guiding core values that determine the organizational culture.

I was assigned the role of communicating with our clients, who usually call for enquiries, and employees who may need clarification on their shifts, leave, and other employees’ issues. I was advised to use etiquette and respond to the calls with respect and professionally, which greatly improved my communication skills. I was shown how billing and filling is done. Writing a detailed report was part of the responsibilities assigned by the manager to report all the week’s activities, which helped me learn important administrative and supportive roles. Within the week, I got an insight into why maintaining high ethical standards during the hiring process is important in acquiring the most talented and experienced personnel, which determines organizational success. Through observing my seniors, I understood how HR professionals should conduct themselves when dealing with difficult situations presented by employees and that all such matters should be dealt with confidentially to avoid breaching confidentiality, which is critical for a healthy working relationship. Comment by James Frazier: Make sure your lists have parallel structure (all the same form). Ex: I like running, swimming, and jumping. (NOT: I like to run, swimming, and jumping.) This gets even trickier when each item in that list is a clause. You can learn more about parallel structure here: In this case, I might do something like “respectfully and professionally”

Soft skills like patience and flexibility are important when interacting with people. Compliance with the rules must not be an option if business success is to be achieved. At all-time professionals should work to protect and improve organizational image, which has become a reliable marketing approach in today’s world. I learned all these by remaining close to my supervisors and observing their way of doing work closely. Generally, within the week, I have learned a lot about the human resource role, and general aspects require for a successful business. I am confident that the knowledge and experience will propel me to a successful career in future. Comment by James Frazier: This is an introductory phrase, so should be followed with a comma. Comment by James Frazier: This should be two separate words and plural Comment by James Frazier: This should be the adjective form (“required”) Comment by James Frazier: “the”

Theories and their Application in the Practice Comment by James Frazier: Make sure you have subject headings formatted according to APA guidelines. Please see the following page for help putting those together:

Conflict theory suggests that society is ever in a conflict state because of its never-ending competition for limited resources. It explains that those people with resources and wealth will always protect their resources, while those without such resources will always try to obtain them; therefore, there is a constant struggle between the poor and the rich (Pitafi, Liu, & Cai, 2018). Like society, everyone in the workplace can experience conflict; departments may be in conflict with each other in a fight for limited resources. Senior management may have power struggles with middle-level managers and even middle-level managers with operational levels and subordinates. With an understanding of conflict theory and recognition of the role of the human resource department as a link between the employees and the management, I will have great insight into how various conflicts happen and the best way to resolve them in the best interest of the company. The theory and experience have shaped my career by enhancing my understanding of why various issues arise in workplaces and the best way to resolve those issues. Comment by James Frazier: Nice use of a semi-colon to separate two independent clauses!

The motivational theory involves the study of knowing what drives people to work hard towards a particular outcome or goal. The theory explains that individuals are motivated by extrinsic factors, which involve external factors like bonuses for hard work (Mosala-Bryant, & Hoskins, 2017). It also argues that intrinsic factors that involve desires to satisfy human needs as critical to motivating employees. For instance, people may work hard to achieve particular professionals’ goals or please their bosses. This theory is very applicable in my practice as it tells explains factors that may increase employees’ motivation, a central aspect of increased performance and eventually high-profit margins. I will use the theory to improve workers morale through reward system, recognition and career advancement in future. Comment by James Frazier: Only one verb is needed

The rational choice theory assumes that people within society behave in a rational manner. People usually make decisions grounded on a sensible evaluation and calculation of a particular situation. Decisions are made because they are likely to help people achieve their personal goals. According to theory, individual make the right choices to attain the highest satisfaction (Pawestri, Zaidun, Prihandono, & Rahmah, 2019). I will use this concept in my future practice to examine various situations and choices to identify which is most likely to yield more benefits and lead to organizational success. Comment by James Frazier: “individuals make” or “an individual makes” Comment by James Frazier: If a source has 1-2 authors, you should always name each author in your citations. If a source has 3 or more authors, you can use “et al.” from the very first citation and for the remainder of your paper. For more information on citing authors in your in-text citations:













References Comment by James Frazier: This should start on a new page and be bold

Mosala-Bryant, N. N., & Hoskins, R. G. (2017). Motivational theory and knowledge sharing in the public service. South African Journal of Information Management, 19(1), 1-9. Comment by James Frazier: Both the journal title and volume number should be italicized on the references page. For more information and examples of citations of articles in journals, see the following page:

Pawestri, W. D., Zaidun, M., Prihandono, I., & Rahmah, M. (2019). Rational Choice Theory in the Scheme of Mining Shares Divestment Based on National Interest Protection. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 5(2), 378-389.

Pitafi, A. H., Liu, H., & Cai, Z. (2018). Investigating the relationship between workplace conflict and employee agility: The role of enterprise social media. Telematics and Informatics, 35(8), 2157-2172.