The student will select a specific traumatology topic delimited by a traumatic event (e.g. disaster, violence, combat, sexual assault, etc.), a trauma-related diagnosis (e.g. acute stress disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder), or a specific trauma treatment. He or she will prepare a scholarly presentation in PowerPoint intended for an audience of emerging trauma counselors. If appropriate to the topic, an overview with definitions, incidence rates, types (of perpetrators/victims as relevant), harm or danger involved, possible spiritual factors, symptoms, assessment, diagnosis and treatment options should be included. An integrated biblical perspective on the topic must be provided.

Reference should be made in the presentation to at least ten scholarly articles published within the last ten years, in addition to any textbooks, the Bible, and professional or popular sources. The presentation must include at least 40 slides (not including bibliography slides), and these should be on a visually appealing background with appropriate amounts of text and include illustrations in the form of cartoons, drawings, charts, graphs, pictures, film clips, etc. on each slide. Cite all sources, including websites, in APA format on the slides (in text or footnotes), as well as compiled on the last few slides.