Project Scope Statement 

Project Title.


Project Justification: 

The Scope of this project is to launch an exquisite taste of an Indian restaurant in the city which gives an option to drive thru, Dine-in, take out’s and delivery options. Providing one of the authentic and delicious style food experience and service for customers which takes them to think of the home lands. Opening of this restaurant will attract nearby neighboring city and kickoff of this Indian restaurant will assist the financial specialist with pulling in more clients toward to the eatery that will uphold in expanding the interest of India authentic foods in the district. This will enhance and gives more options for the investors and customers as more chain of restaurant can be opened across the region.

Product Characteristics and Requirements: 

1. Real Indian spices: use the real Indian spices to cook the foods. 

2. Cleanliness: maintaining high standard cleanliness. 

3. Great hospitality 

4. Affordable cost.  

5. Funding requirements. 

6. Decide a restaurant location. 

7. Restaurant design.  

8. Restaurant decoration.  

9. Build the facilities. 

10. Hiring staffs. 

Summary of Project Deliverables 

Project management-related deliverables: 

∙ Project charter 

∙ Team contract 

∙ Project scope statement 

∙ WBS 

∙ WBS dictionary 

∙ Project schedule 

∙ Business plan 

∙ Weekly status reports 

∙ Final project presentation. 

Product-related deliverables:  

∙ Restaurant 

∙ Restaurant facilities 

∙ Desk & chairs 

Project Success Criteria:  

Restaurant opened and provide services successfully