Persuasive Essay Presentation

Throughout this course, you have worked on a persuasive essay, which you submitted in Week 4. Now it is time to present your persuasive essay to a target audience. In this assignment, you will be taking the key points from your persuasive essay and integrating them into a persuasive essay presentation. 

Read the Persuasive Essay Presentation Instructions.

Create your 6- to 8-slide Persuasive Essay Presentation.

  • For help with creating presentations, use the Learning Activities from this week, which are also linked under Materials on the right side of the screen.
  • Include detailed speaker notes in your presentation. 
  • Format any citations in your presentation according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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Persuasive Essay Presentation InstructionsENG/200 Version 11

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Persuasive Essay Presentation Instructions

Requirements of Presentation:

The ability to make coherent, well-organized, and clear presentations is essential for business professionals. The final presentation involves adapting your written persuasive essay, due in Week 4, into a visual presentation. You may use a variety of presentation software that will fit the needs of the assignment, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®, or Prezi®. If you have another software in mind, please obtain instructor approval. It is important to verify that the file type can be uploaded into the classroom.

The final presentation will be evaluated on the following criteria:


· Length should be equivalent to 6 to 8 slides, not including the Title and References slides

· Include a Title slide .

· Include a Reference slide in APA formatting.

· Content

· Nor more than six lines per slide

· No more than six words per line

· Research

· Quotations are okay to reveal in full text; otherwise no full sentences

· All quotations should include an APA in-text citation.

· Font size

· Titles 32 point

· Text 20 point

· Color and background

· Maintain appropriate colors for visibility.

· Animation and graphics

· Enhance the text.

· Transition the slides.

· Narration

· Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.

Organization and Content:

· Present the information in a logical sequence.

· Include an introduction and conclusion.

· Summarize and paraphrase information from your paper so that your central argument and supporting points are clear.

· Highlight the research.

· Include a link to at least one research article and/or credible website providing more information about the topic. This should be in your conclusion.

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