I have identified one (1) physical, psychological, and social cause of drug abuse in  sport. And have presented one sport or exercise specific example for each of the  three (3) causes presented in your discussion. Please elaborate on what I have already started. Make sure to cite and use references.

Physical- enhance sport performance

There is a number of causes for which a person uses drugs for physical, psychological and social concerns in sports. If a sportsman uses drugs, a number of changes occur inside his body physically, psychologically and socially as well. These side effects have the potential to be severe but the physical concerns are more severe than ever. Some sportsmen use drugs right before their physical activities unintentionally or some use it intentionally to increase the performance of their workouts. However, these physical drugs are considered illegal and prohibited according to world anti-doping agencies. (Waddington, I., & Smith, A. 2013). Moreover, doping drugs may enhance the performance of athletes in the start, but after some time, when they will have to bear their adverse effects on their bodies, their psychological morale goes down. (VIPENE, J. B., & AMASIATU, N. 2015).


Stress, anxiety, personal problems, perfectionism, self-esteem and boredom are some of the psychological causes of drug abuse in sports. Sportsmen are usually found taking drugs due to their psychological issues that relate to their professional and family lives as well. These psychological causes promote drug abuse in sports which affect their performances and health badly.


Social- peer pressure

Peer pressure in sports has been linked with most areas of a sportsman social life as well. Athletes and other sportsmen are usually fond of clubs, parties and other social gatherings during the offseason. Personal alcohol and other consumptions, drinking and using drugs have been considered as a status level issue in our modern society. However, the physical fitness of sportsmen and athletes are not meant for drugs consumption in their social and professional lives as well. They are meant to keep their body fit as these drugs will impact badly on their physical fitness aggressively. (Zhou, J., O’Brien, K. S., & Heim, D. (2014).