Peer Feedback


COM 126 Checklist for Peer-to-Peer Evaluation

Name of Peer:__________________________

Name of Reviewer:_______________________

Use this peer review checklist to provide feedback for two of your peers’ presentations for Final Project Two. Do not just write “yes” or “no” to the guiding questions under each prompt. Instead, offer substantive feedback that will prove beneficial for the writer.

The quality of your participation in this peer review activity will be graded by the instructor using the Peer Review Rubric, but to assess your peers, you will be using this Checklist for Peer-to-Peer Evaluation.

Choose presentations that have not been reviewed yet, or have fewer reviews than others. Provide feedback in a reply post to the corresponding peer and attach the filled-out peer review checklist.

Your evaluation must be based on the following critical elements:

· The efficacy of the design

· Is your peer’s presentation visually appealing?

· What did you like about their presentation? (Provide positive/encouraging feedback)

· What part(s) of the text are especially informative? What information was interesting and/or new to you?

· What would you suggest for improvements on the design?

Additional Comments:

· Strength and clarity of thesis statement

· Does the thesis adequately and clearly reflect the evidence? If not, suggest ways for improvement.

· Is there a focused and insightful thesis statement that agrees and/or disagrees with a topic?

· Does the content in the presentation consistently refer back to this central subject, or does the writer stray off-topic?

Additional Comments:

· Strength of support from resources and visual elements

· Are the sources appropriately integrated and cited? Does the author effectively use attributive tags and quotes where appropriate?

· Are there clear transitions between ideas and support from sources so that the writer retains authority over the presentation?

· Does the evidence adequately and clearly fit the thesis? If not, suggest ways for improvement.

· Comment on how effectively or ineffectively the visual aspects (graphs, charts, pictures, etc.) illustrate the point being made. Do the visuals add or detract from the reader’s overall understanding of the information?

Additional Comments:

· Integration of appropriate terms and concepts

· Does the author provide you with relevant explanation of terms and concepts that relate to the central thesis statement?

· List 3 or more points that can help enhance the presentation of terms and concepts that support the thesis statement.

Additional Comments:

· Reflection

· After having seen your peer’s work, what could you have done better in your own presentation?

· How does peer review strengthen your own learning?