Part Essay

I have a 2-4 page essay due. 2 pages for the “in their own words” portion, as well as an additional 1-2 pages for the articles of confederation. I can provide scanned copies of chapters from the reading if that helps.

Choose one of the sources from the “IN THEIR OWN WORDS” sections of Chapters 5-8.  (Examples: Sam Adams, Paul Revere, George Washington, Abigail and John Adams, John Locke, Anti-Federalist Argument, Thomas Jefferson, etc.)  Research that primary source document in more depth, and write a two-page essay discussing how it fits into the historical context of its time.

How was the new Constitution better than the Articles of Confederation? Consider the economic, political, and diplomatic problems and new powers that were granted to deal with them. Describe major compromises such as the Great Compromise and the 3/5 Compromise made at the Constitutional Convention. Finally, discuss the debate over the Constitution’s ratification. How did the debate over Hamilton’s financial policies illustrate the different interpretations of the Constitution held by Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans in the 1790s?