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TO: All Workers

From : B.J. Blackwell

Date: February 3, 2012

Re: Parking

The parking violations around here have gotten very, very, bad. And the administration is provoked and wants some action taken. I don’t blame them. I have been late for meeting s several times in the last month because inconsiderate folks from other division have parked their cars in our zone. That just is not fair, and so we in our department must not be the only ones who are upset. No wonder the management finds things so bad they have asked me to prepare this memo.

A big part of the problem it seems to me is that employees just cannot read signs. They park in the wrong zones. They also park in visitors’ spots. The penalties are going to be stiff. The administration, or so I was led to believe, is thinking of fining any employee who does not obey the parking policies. I know for a fact that I saw someone from the research department pull right into a visitor parking area last week just because it was 8:55 and he did not want to be late for work. That gives our business a bad name. People will not want to do business with us if they cannot even find a parking spot in that area of the company has reserved for them.

Vice President Watson was laid the law down to me about all this and told me to let each and everyone know that things have to improve. One of the other big problems around here is that some employees have even parked their cars in loading zones and security had to track them down to move.

As part of the administration’s new policy, each employee is going to be issued a company parking policy and will have to come in and sign for it verifying that he received it. I think things really have gotten out of hand and that some drastic action had to be taken. We will have to shape up around here.