Organisational Leadership Casestudy

Leader Ship Exercise:

You have recently been hired to be General Manager of 300 employee operation. One of the first challenges you face is to improve productivity. The employees and managers who work for you are all 10+ year employees and have been doing the same jobs for 10+ years. The employees and managers do not do anything particularly wrong, but they do not make any effort to improve. The previous General Manager of 5 years failed to address any of the issues and has since left the company for reasons entirely unrelated to the work situation. The operation has not changed for several years. The metrics for productivity are down 35% and quality is declining. The owners are telling you that current productivity and quality levels are at its lowest in company history.

You have called a meeting with your team to develop an action plan to present to Sr. Management. Sr. Management is expecting an action plan detailing what will be done to get the operation turned around.


Develop a plan detailing how you will fix this problem and the actions you will implement.

· Submit a 1-page WORD DOC containing your plan.

· Plagiarism Checked. Turnitin report needed. Include references and document must be in APA format