Order 1382206: Gender Leadership In Higher Education In The UK, Russia

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What is the role of women on the level of university leadership?

Gender + leadership in Higher Education in the UK and Russia

What are the key challenges facing Head of Department working in Higher Education?

How might they be overcome?

Chapter 1: Introduction (500 w. approx.)

1.1 The main topic….and why it is important

1.2 Aims and objectives (include a clear statement of what question we are trying to answer)

1.3 Context (use of a literature written from a western cultural perspective. Could be incorporated comparative comments in the discussion)

Chapter 2: Literature review (3700 w. approx.)

2.1 What does Management mean in a Higher Education context?

2.2 What does Leadership mean in a Higher Education context?

2.3 What are the differences between Leadership and Management in a Higher Education context?

2.4 Higher Education Culture and its relevance to Leadership and Management (problems, limitations)

2.5 Research evidence on Leadership from Higher Education

2.6 Brief Summary (a synthesis of what have been found out)

Chapter 3: Conclusion (300 w. approx.)

3.1 Main findings – answer the question.

3.2 Implications for Practice

3.3 Recommendations for further work ( if space is available)

References- follow the APA conventions guidelines

Any internet sources: include full details of the author(s), year of publication, title, URL and date accessed