Deadline 2:30pm

270 cpp

Innovative pedagogical experience, professional tool and scientific data-vector designed and developed by the IPAG Chair “Towards an Inclusive Company”, the Discovery Report on Ethics and CSR  invites the learner (through a PPT presentation of 5 – 10 slides in average; minimum : 5 slides/ maximum : 15 slides, except the title slide and the acknowledgment slide), to structure him/her thought regarding a company’s promises, discourses/engagements, programs, practices (and perhaps perceptions) on CSR, CSR/Sustainability, Business Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion, answering to 6 blocks of questions addressing the following topics:  

0 ° the presentation of the last significant professional experience of the learner as the ground of the Report (context, size and sector of activity of the company, mission of the learner, duration, …),  

1° the description of the learner’s vision of business ethics and CSR,

2 ° the retrospective and reflective analysis of the student’s organizational behavior, regarding CSR/Sustainability, Business Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion,  

3° the learner’s assessment of the effectiveness  (vs ineffectiveness) (and efficiency vs inefficiency) of the company’s societal commitment (“social climate” / “ethical climate”, “diversity climate”…),  

4° the identification (qualification) of the mains sources of astonishment (positive and negative) regarding CSR/Sustainability, Business Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion, managerial practices…,  

5° a range of solutions conceived and/or tested by the company to reinforce its ethical (and juridical) compliance and take up the challenges of CSR, Diversity and Inclusion (designing the company for tomorrow);  

OPTIONAL 6° identification of several solutions (designed by the learner) that could be deployed to reinforce accountability and compliance of the firm and its alignment with ethics, CSR, SDGs….